2021 Outstanding Graduate Highlight

We’d like to extend out congratulations to Sky Bressette for his nomination as C/AM’s Outstanding Graduate during this unusual year.

Prof. David Rossiter’s nomination statement

Sky Bressette has been a most outstanding student in Canadian-American Studies. His interest in the program stems from his love and curiosity for the Salish Sea region within which we find ourselves. By combining courses in Environmental Studies, Salish Sea Studies and Canadian-American Studies, Sky crafted a curriculum which has immersed him in this place and prepared him to share his passion and knowledge of it with others. He has read widely, written deeply, and captured his sense of the region on film, ensuring that it will be seen by others. Ever conscientious and considerate, Sky will be going on to prepare for career in teaching. At this, too, he will be outstanding. Best of luck, Sky – your future students will benefit from all you bring!“