C/AM Student Exhibit in Canada House

From Director Christina Keppie:

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to Canada House for an open ‘showcase’ of student creative responses to the book Greenwood by Michael Christie.

Greenwood, as many of you know, was this year’s Whatcom READS selection and the chosen novel for C/AM 497E – Western Reads Canada, a new course designed to introduce Western students to impactful Canadian literature.

Our showcase, or ‘exhibit’, located in Room 106 of Canada House, features approximately a dozen creative works of art utilizing various media, created by students of C/AM 497E. Each creative piece is accompanied by an artist statement that describes their inspiration and its connection to the novel Greenwood.

I would personally like to thank and congratulate all students of C/AM 497E – we had a fantastic collective learning experience reading and discussing Greenwood during Winter quarter. The level of passion these students display in their final projects resulting in this exhibit is truly inspiring. Reading the artist statements and taking in the depth of their creative pieces is a proud moment for the Center for Canadian-American Studies (especially since the students are not art or creative writing majors).