The faculty and staff of the Center for Canadian-American are drawn from many parts of campus; together, we constitute an enthusiastic and dedicated community of Canadianists at Western.

Core Faculty

Name Position Phone
Donald Alper

Professor Emeritus, Political Science

(360) 650-3728

Meaghan Beaton

Visiting Assistant Professor, History

(360) 650-3816

Christina Keppie

Editor, American Review of Canadian Studies; Associate Professor, French and Linguistics

(360) 650-3930

David Rossiter

Director, Center for Canadian-American Studies; Associate Professor, Geography

(360) 650-2821


Name Position Phone
Chuck Hart

Program Manager

(360) 650-3728

Marya Kampmann

Program Assistant

(360) 650-2854

Tina Storer

Education and Curriculum Specialist - STUDY CANADA Summer Institute

(360) 650-7370

Laurie Trautman

Associate Director, Border Policy Research Institute

(360) 650-2642

Cat Wallace

ARCS Managing Editor

(360) 650-2700

Affiliated Faculty

Name Position Phone
Patrick Buckley

Professor, Geography

(360) 650-4773

Steve Globerman

Professor, College of Business and Economics

(360) 650-7708

Lee Gulyas

Senior Instructor, English

(360) 650-6223

Theodore Kamena

Instructor, Political Science

(360) 650-6655

Robert Lopresti

Librarian for Canadian-American Studies

(360) 650-3342

Nancy Pagh

Senior Instructor, English

(360) 650-2265

Ruth Sofield

Professor, Environmental Science

(360) 650-2181

Nick Stanger

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

(360) 650-2203


Name Position Phone
Mayra Ramirez