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Toronto in the winter time

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Fall 2023 News

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Winter 2024 Internship Opportunity!

Picture of canadian flag, kN95 mask, blue latex glove, and paper with blue text saying "Coronavirsu (COVID-19).

Western's BPR Institute is partnering with Canadian-American Studies for a Canada-US COVID-19 Media Analysis Internship! 

The application deadline is Friday, December 1. 

Click here for more details. 

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Diversify your French

colorful flags on teal background with title "Diversify your French"

This summer 2023 webinar series, open to all community members, especially teachers of French, aimed to showcase the breadth of the French language and related teaching opportunities, while focusing on Indigenous voices in the French curriculum, as well as providing resources for French teachers. Click here for more info and recordings of the webinars...

Canadian-American Studies Scholarship


Congratulations to 2023's scholarship recipient, Laura Gold Rasmussen!



C/AM’s Outstanding Graduate & Scholar

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Congratulations to Mehana Tamashiro for being chosen as C/AM's 2023 Outstanding Graduate and Scholar!


ACSUS 26th Biennial Conference


ACSUS is a multi-disciplinary membership based organization committed to raising awareness and understanding of Canada and the bilateral relationship. ACSUS supports research and academic activity through its publications, conferences, and grant programs; promotes the academy through active advocacy and outreach; and positions the community by profiling the scope and diversity of research undertaken by the ACSUS membership in the humanities and social sciences.

Click here for information regarding next year's conference.



Jesintel: Living Wisdom from Coast Salish Elders book launch

darrell hillaire

Darrell Hillaire from the Lhaq’temish (Lummi) Nation presents the book Jesintel, bringing the cultural teachings of nineteen elders to new generations. Coast Salish culture is bound together by shared values and relations that generate a resilient worldview or Jesintel, "to learn and grow together.” Jesintel illuminates the importance of ethical reciprocal relationships and the interconnectedness of places, land, water, and the spirit within all things.

Click here to watch the event recording.

Info Fair 2023

liesl at info fair

C/AM student staff and events coordinator, Liesl Schoenstein, represented Canadian-American Studies at this year's fall info fair!













Paul Storer Memorial Lecture: Why Canadians (Mostly) Love Immigration, & Americans Aren't So Sure


Americans are deeply divided about migration policy and have limited appetite for increasing immigration. Canada’s government has, in contrast, increased its immigration targets, and the ruling Liberal Party’s leader, Justin Trudeau, won his first national election partly due to a campaign promise to resettle thousands of Syrian refugees. Why do Canadians seem to love immigration while Americans aren’t so sure?



How Canadian Universities Honor the Jay Treaty Through Cross-Border Tuition Policies


Join us on May 10th at 11:30 am to hear Micheal O'Shea's talk, How Canadian Universities Honor the Jay Treaty Through Cross-Border Tuition Policies. This presentation will explore how several Canadian universities have recently adopted policies that extend domestic tuition rates to Indigenous students living in (territories claimed by) the US and how other universities in Canada may follow suit, bringing their commitments to Indigenization.

Canada, the United States and the Not-So-Special Relationship


A persistent feature of scholarly inquiries dedicated to exploring the emergence and persistence of the so-called Canada-United States special relationship is identifying causal factors and hallmark features linked to and indeed anchored in a place-based North American framework. Historical, social, political, economic, security, environmental, and cultural explanations specific to North America have dominated the discourse explaining why Canada and the U.S. developed such close ties. 




Catherine Hernandez joins C/AM 497E

Catherine Hernandez in front of a white background

Catherine Hernandez is the author of the Book Scarborough, the current book selection of C/AM 497E: Western Reads Canada. Ms. Hernandez will pay a virtual visit to that class during winter quarter and will also take part in several public events in Bellingham, including a film screening at The Pickford Film Center of the movie Scarborough, a reading at Village Books and a dinner at Evolve Cafe. 







Special Event: Hockey Night in Cascadia- From Canada's Game to a Kraken Future

Hockey Player

Hockey has a long tradition of fostering binational relations between Canada and the United States through diplomacy, media, and economic exchange. To this end, the Hockey Night in Cascadia dialogue explored the sport as a catalyst for cross-border engagement and a vehicle for political, social and economic impact.

Read about the event in WWU's Western Front



Illustrator Sydney Smith engaged attendees at WWU's Children's Literature Conference


The Center for Canadian American Studies, K-12 Study Canada, and Western Washington University Children’s Literature Conference were proud to sponsor a new addition to this year's conference at WWU: the Inaugural Canadian Children’s Literature honoree, Sydney Smith

Thanks to a Title VI grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the conference brings a notable Canadian Children’s author or illustrator as one of four presenters each year, showcasing their talent.

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