Program Overview

The Canadian-American Studies major and minor are designed to expand knowledge of Canada and understanding of the shared Canadian-American experience, including opportunities and challenges. Through these programs, students will gain the tools necessary for engaging with key cultural, environmental and economic issues that face both Canada and the United States.

Its curriculum prepares students for positions in education, business, government, communications, and international organizations in the United States, Canada, and other areas of the world. It also provides an entry-point for opportunities in Canadian-American Studies and combines well with other majors and minors to add depth and international expertise. Examples include combining Canadian-American Studies with: environmental science and policy, international business, geography, anthropology, political science, marketing, communications, journalism, history, and foreign languages.

The curriculum for these programs is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on courses and faculty from five campus colleges: College of Business and Economics, College of Fine and Performing Arts, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Fairhaven College and College of the Environment. The Center’s academic programs enable students to gain national scale understanding of Canada, its relationship with the US, and the diverse and contested histories that shape the present.

Opportunities for study in Canada and internships are also available. As well, the Center for Canadian-American Studies offers yearly student scholarship opportunities.